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India Emergency

Hi folks from the European Salesforce Wipro Practice,

As you may know, India is facing a deadly second wave of COVID-19. Hospitals and medical facilities are running out of oxygen and ICU beds, with patients left outside hospitals waiting for care.

As members of WSP, we cannot sit idly by. To this end, we have created an EMEA task force to raise funds to be donated to Unicef Portugal.

The amount you donate is up to you. ALL help is welcome and truly crucial!


Bert Van De Velde, Wipro Belgium

Catarina Geão, Wipro Portugal

Sofia Gil, Wipro Portugal


Check how UNICEF is working to support India:

Urgent action is needed to avert further tragic loss of life.

A deadly surge in COVID-19 cases is placing an enormous strain on health and critical care facilities in India. This second wave of the pandemic is larger and spreading more rapidly than the first, and is leaving vulnerable families paying a particularly steep price. The latest surge is also affecting more people across age groups including children and infants.

UNICEF has already sent critical lifesaving supplies including oxygen concentrators, diagnostic tests and emergency equipment to help India in its battle with COVID-19. But more support is urgently needed to save lives.


This latest surge will have dire consequences for children in India whose access to essential health, social, protection and education services will be constrained. But it is also a reminder that the pandemic is far from over and will continue to pose a threat to all of us unless we continue to work together and take life-saving preventive measures to contain it.

UNICEF is continuing to work with partners to:

  • Increase access to life-saving oxygen by procuring and installing oxygen generation plants in hospitals to treat severe and critical COVID-19 cases
  • Provide rapid, accurate testing machines in some of the most affected districts
  • Support communities and essential workers to weather this storm and prevent further disruption to outreach programmes and services for children.


We need your help to continue our work.

Every minute counts.

Join UNICEF to support lifesaving supplies and services to protect families and communities in India.